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Thinking "Turbo"

In my attempt to try new things in the kitchen, I think I shall buy a Turbo Oven. This nifty appliance is similar to a convection oven and yet not exactly the same. According to Amabel, though, you can do everything in a Turbo Oven.

I am not quite sure about that as my experiences with this device are limited to the times when my dad would "turbo" (in the Philippines, this is commonly used as a verb) a whole chicken. The last time this happened was ... I don't remember exactly.

I think that he even tried chopped up turkey one time. I can distinctly remember the crunch of the crispy skin as I munched on it. The meat, if I am not mistaken, was very flavorful and reasonably juicy.

Anyway, back to the present day...I am thinking of getting my own Turbo Oven pretty soon. It should make things easier - marinate and "turbo." It will also give us more options as to the dishes that we eat.

You may be thinking, why not get a "real" oven? My budget is a bit tight right now and I cannot afford the real deal...maybe soon. For now, I can't stop thinking about liempo, barbecue, pork chop, roast, ribs, and more - all made in that little device called the Turbo Oven.


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