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PSN Card Worries

Last night, Jer and I bought a PSN card worth $50 for $62.50 on Ebay. The seller has wonderful feedback and since it is practically impossible to get the cards elsewhere, we decided to buy it off him. The Ebay ad said e-mail delivery within 24 hours and it is not here still. We were expecting him to at least e-mail us since we sent him a couple of e-mails but nada.

I am a bit worried - I hope that this is not a scam. Also kinda pissed for Jer because he is so excited to buy things off the PSN. I really hope that this guy delivers. Otherwise, that would be money down the drain. Then again, he still has about 12 hours to make good on his promise.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Hey Dreamwalker, hopefully your PSN card code turns up. Sometimes people on Ebay can be so shady.

    By the way, do you have a 360 to go along with your PS3? If you don't, you might want to check out this Stacker 2 contest going on where you can win one (or another PS3). All you have to do to enter is design a 6 Hour Power t-shirt, which is surprisingly easy to do online. There are also weekly prizes you can win such as Rise of the Argonauts and 6 Hour Power energy shots (which are great for gaming sessions). There are less than 325 entrants right now, so check it out:

    By the way, I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by commenting on your blog. I work with 6 Hour Power so if you have any questions about the contest or the drink itself just let me know. Be sure to tell me if you enter too, and I'll definitely vote for your design. Good luck if you decide to enter!

    Franklin Keane

  2. Hi Franklin! Thanks for leaving a comment and informing me about this contest - will definitely check it out. About the PSN, I did get the code later that day, thank God!

  3. Glad to hear you got the code! I heard that the PSN cards are starting to appear in stores like Blockbuster too, so if you want to still buy them you might want to look there.

    I'm glad to hear you're interested in the contest too. Don't forget to give me a link to your design once you enter so that I can vote for your design! Have a great day.

    Franklin Keane


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