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Obama or McCain?

Not that I would be able to vote for either of the two candidates, but I thought that it would be interesting to see my results for this quiz at BlogThings.

Your Issue Profile: 68% Obama, 32% McCain

While it sounds like Obama is the choice for you, he's not a perfect match.

You and John McCain actually share some of the same views.

Whether this is news to your or not, you have some studying to do.

Obama seems like he's the right fit, but it's an important issue might sway you over to McCain.

It sounds just right. I wonder if we'll ever see a similar quiz for the presidential candidates in the Philippines in 2010? :p


  1. Your Issue Profile: 68% Obama, 32% McCain for me.

    In general, I do think I'm more democrat and I like Obama, so that's good news for me. I think I'd better brush on some of the issues in that quiz though.


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