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Night Before Jerry's Birthday @ Aninuan Beach Resort

Despite the typhoon that had been hounding the northern part of the Philippines all week last week, the weather was wonderful on Saturday. The sun was out and the water was very inviting. We spent all afternoon in the water and after dinner - which we made on the grill - we decided to go over to the neighboring resort, Sunset @ Aninuan Beach.
The birthday boyYep, found time to work a little bit. Koryu's first trip!Here's a tip if you want to go to Puerto Galera. Stay at Tamaraw Beach Resort because their rates are more affordable and the beach front is better. For brewed coffee, drinks, and ambiance, walk over to Aninuan. They have this nice litte outdoor bar where you can enjoy the sound of the crashing waves and the warmth of the sun while you drink an ice cold beer poured over chilled mugs. They also have a nice selection of wines and liquors. The owner, Lexy, is there on weekends and provides a lively conversation.


  1. What are the accommodations like in Tamaraw? Aircon? Water heater?

  2. Wow, Google is fast. I opened my gmail right after typing that last post and all of a sudden there's a link to Tamaraw Beach Resort at the top of the page!

  3. Aves you can check my old posts on Tamaraw when we first went there: and

  4. Does anyone have any idea on who is the owner of this Resort?


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