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My First iPhone Encounter (and the Memory of a Bunny)

It's weird how coincidences can happen in life. According to Jason Bourne, you should not believe in coincidences. They always mean something and it is up to you to find out what it means. (At least I think it's Bourne who said that...P)

Well last night, we were getting ready to leave for the city after a nice weekend in Los Banos. Dad just picked a pastor up from the airport because he was going to hold a series of seminars in out church. As it turned out, he is the husband of an old family friend of ours. She used to be the secretary in the school where Mom worked. So the pastor called his wife up and gave the phone to Mom.

She wanted to talk to me so Mom told me to get up and get the mobile phone from her. Since I was playing Wii (yeah we brought it home), I was mouthing "No, I don't even really remember much of her!"

THEN Mark whispered - "Hey, it's an iPhone!"

Of course, Noe jumped up to grab the phone. "Hi!"

It was kinda anti-climactic...I used an iPhone but I didn't really fiddle with it too much.

What struck me more, actually, were the memories that came up when my mom's friend talked to me. She asked me if I remember her and suddenly, I had this image of a nice little piece of felt paper cut out in my name. It had a white bunny on the left side and had glitters all over. I remember her making it for me when I was in first grade or thereabouts.

Isn't it amazing how coincidences can make your heart jump and take you back in time all in one fell swoop?


  1. Boy, if I got a hold of an Iphone I would have no idea what to do or how to answer it. LOL! Thanks so much for your nice comments on my site. Take Care.

  2. Ha ha...I wish I could have answered it or dialed the number. Unfortunately, the owner did it himself. Thanks for the visit.


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