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McDonald's 8-mcdo Down?

I just realized how dependent we are on McDonald's 24-hour delivery service. We don't order everyday but when it is past midnight and we suddenly feel pangs of hunger, I don't really feel like cooking. It takes so long to thaw meat and then cutting up veggies and actually doing some work is not an attractive thought in the middle of the night.

Anyway, we tried calling them the other night but the line just kept ringing. An hour ago, I tried again since we are both kinda hungry. Same thing.

I did some research and saw a post in That Word In Me. Apparently, McDo changed call centers and their system has been down. I need to get the number of a specific branch to get food delivered.

It sucks to be hungry but I think it sucks even more that I am relying on McDo to get me full.


  1. ...which reminds me, my appetite is terribly out of control lately. I'm almost-always hungry. Having dinner as early as 5.30pm isn't funny anymore. I'm not exactly sure what is making me a glutton: my work environment or old age. Maybe it's the latter, maybe it's both.

  2. Gosh, Andy! You're still up? It is past your bedtime! And now you know how I feel when I get hungry at 5:30 and ask you to eat dinner with me!

    Seriously now, are you really wondering why you are eating more? Look around you...(the office)

  3. hi pepz, the new mcdonald's delivery service can be visited at

    i think recently they just changed their call center but haven't announced it yet.

  4. post your mcdo comments at


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