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Have Your Dream Day Wedding

I never really liked formal gatherings, even less when I would be the center of attention. I guess that is why I opted for an informal wedding at the pastor's office. Jer even had to "force" me to buy a dress for the day! We ended up compromising - I got a skirt and a blouse, instead.

With the exception of Beth, all of us married girls at the office had informal weddings. Vicki still wants a big wedding ceremony, wedding dress and all! That is why from time to time, I would also think about having a more formal ceremony for when Jer's parents come over. After all, they were not here when we got married.

Looking for Wedding Dresses is not at all that hard, I have come to realize. The traditional way people do it is to buy bridal magazines and look for a dress they like and then have someone make it for them.

Internet-crazy me, I have found a better alternative. Bridal Dresses can be found online. I chanced upon a site called Best Bridal Prices and I really liked what I saw. As I browsed through their pages, I was actually thinking that it could work for me. They have thousands of dresses - not only for the bride but they also have Bridesmaid Dresses. After all, I suppose that if we are going to have a "real" ceremony, then I should have bridesmaid and those things that are expected in a wedding.

Now all I have to worry about is how I can force myself to smile during the entire she-bang. You see, I have this thing when I am the center of attention. I get nervous. And when I get nervous, I can't smile. Just take a look at our wedding pictures and you will see what I mean!


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