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For Women: Find Out If Potential Partners Have Vasopressin

What makes a guy good husband material? As far as I know, women would normally mention something about the guy's characteristics, personality, and so on. He has to be caring. He has to be thoughtful. He has to be responsible. Blah blah blah.

Then again, we're in a hi-tech age. Why not take genes into consideration as well?

According to some researchers at the at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm:

Our main finding was an association between a variant of the vasopressin receptor 1a gene and how strong bonds men reported they had to their partners. Men carrying this variant scored on average lower on a scale measuring the strength of the bond compared to men not carrying this variant."

In simple terms, men who have vasopressin will make better mates - NOT! The researchers have a disclaimer (as they usually do, I noticed that):

"Taken together, the effect of the gene variant that we have studied on human pair-bonding behavior is rather small, and it can not, with any real accuracy, be used to predict how someone will behave in a future relationship."

Um, I could have told you that.

I wonder if Jer has vasopressin? ;)


  1. This is a great post. I like the disclaimer that basically says "this is all bunk, please disregard!"

  2. Ahuh - sometimes I think that we should give these researches REAL things to study.


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