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Does My Floor Have to Look So Bare?

I am no good at design at all. When we decided to move to our shoebox, we were initially hellbent on making an effort to pay attention to the aesthetics. We were not able to follow up on it, though. Last night, when we arrived from our trip, I was suddenly surprised to notice how bare our living room floor looked - no Rugs, nothing. I don't know why, after a year of living here, I had to notice that last night.

So here I am thinking of ways to spruce up the house and looking for a nice rug to add to the living room. I stumbled upon a site called Superior Rugs. They have a very nice collection of Area Rugs which would do very well for our house.

What I like about this online rug store is that their interface is well designed to make it easy for customers to search through their extensive collection. For example, you can browse the rugs based on the size, shape, or color. If you do not have an idea of what you are looking for, you can just look at their section of recommended rugs. If you are looking for bargain prices, then you can check out their Cheap Rugs section - that is, clearance rugs. They even have a deal for the day whereby you can make up to 80% savings!

The rugs that they have on offer are so many that I have not even checked out half of them, I think. Again, I am a bit design-challenged so maybe I have to enlist the help of the hubby here. Then again, the site has its own section for people like me. Their "how-to guide for area rugs" provides useful and practical information for those in need of a little orientation regarding rugs. For quality rugs at low prices, you might want to check out this site. Oh, and what do you think about that rug at the beginning of the post?


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