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Cebu Pacific Gives FREE Tickets

I was meaning to write about this but somehow I overlooked it but last week, we received an e-mail alert from Cebu Pacific that they were giving away tickets for local destination for absolutely free. Of course, I was skeptical but I tried booking anyway.

Ren and I were able to get 4 tickets (roundtrip) to Iloilo for November and YES we didn't have to pay a single centavo! So I guess that means we're going on a trip in November.

This also means that I need to get new luggage for the trip - our old bags are beat up.


  1. ARE you SERIOUS??? You guys go everywhere!! You are so lucky in travel.

    Good going!!!!

  2. YEP, Holly. I couldn't believe it myself until I actually had the e-tickets printed out. I guess it was a matter of being at the right time (online) at the right place!

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