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And He Went to Sleep

Remember that quick post last night? Hubby says "You have 10 minutes..."

So there I was struggling with guilt and trying to be a good wife...I hesitantly shut Koryu down, set her aside, all the while wistfully staring at her. I got myself ready for bed and some chat time with Jer.

Guess what? By the time I got settled in, I was treated to my hubby's lulling (NOT) snoring...that's what I get for trying to be good!

*disclaimer* I am not mad or even pissed. I find it ironically amusing. It turned out to be a good thing actually - I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.


  1. It happens. Mark's been hitting the sack an hour or more before me these days. This is more because of the cough syrup he has to take and the fact that I am usually only half-way done with my baking when drowsiness hits him. I think it can still be considered "because of work" somewhat, right?

  2. Sure does, Vicki! Cough syrup...yumyum!


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