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Achieving Peace of Mind with Medical Alert

This past weekend has made me realize a LOT of things. I have not spent this much time with my family for quite some time and during this weekend at the beach, I was really surprised at how old my parents have become. It used to be that both my mom and dad had boundless energy. Up till I was in high school, my dad used to stay in the water for hours - even the whole day. This weekend, though, he stayed in for only 20 minutes at a time. My mom couldn't even get in the water for fear of the strong waves. They really just lounged around and relaxed.

It got me thinking about how they are alone at the house most of the time. Though they can still move around and function independently, I am now very much aware that they are not as agile and strong as they used to be.

Now that I am (constantly) connected to the Internet again, I am already browsing for products and services that may be able to help my parents. I found a site featuring Medical Alert products that have been designed to help people aged 50 and above to continue to live independent lives and at the same time be connected to live help in case they need it. Brick House Alert has two new products - BrickHouse Alert Tele-Assist and BrickHouse Alert Mobile GPS.

These are Medical Alert that can give me the peace of mind that I need, even when I am far away from my parents. Tele-Assist features a Fall Alert, No Activity Alert, Intruder Alarm, and Live Personal Reminders. All of them would be quite useful in case something happens. Mobile GPS has a Safety Zone Alert and GPS Location Aware. I think that at this point, the Tele-Assist would be very useful for my parents. Clients can choose from 3 and 12 month packages, with a refundable deposit.

Indeed, at times like this, you can't help but appreciate what technology can do for you.

This is a paid post.


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