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8700 Jollibee Delivery to the Rescue

As I sit here and try to clear away the tendrils of sleep clouding my brain, my eyes rest on the remnants of the "feast" that we had at 2 in the morning. We got a bit desperate last night due to gnawing hunger pains and the fact that McDo's hot line was still down did not help one bit.

Thank God for Jollibee! I didn't know that they had 24 hour delivery service but I gave it a shot anyway. Besides, I have been craving for one of their burgers ever since Wednesday, when I got a whiff of The Champ from someone at work.

My morning uppers are working now and the gears in my brain are starting to turn...what makes Jollibee's burgers different from McDo's? Which is better?

I remember mulling over this last night as I was eating and my conclusion is that McDo's burgers are meatier - the taste of the beef is stronger. Jollibee's burgers, on the other hand, are better seasoned.

So which is better? Depends on what you prefer, I guess. For me, it depends on my mood. I still prefer our homemade burgers OR Livi's wagyu burgers!

Photo courtesy of Laurence's Legacy


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