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When You Hit Your Head Against The Wall... end up with a knot in your head. You cannot sleep and you feel even grumpier.

I had to get up around 3 am to go to the wash room. I guess I miscalculated the distance when I tried to lie down and hit my head - hard - against the wall.

Now I am dizzy and nauseous. This sucks. It is kinda funny, in a stupid kind of way, but not when the room is spinning as it is now.


  1. Seriously, you actually bumped your head?!! Tsk, I guess you'll never hear the end of this.

  2. I am so sorry for you hit your head. My experience with the "wall" was brighter: at a moment I have realized the wall between my visions and the possibility of the disabled to participate in life fiesta, my blogs were started.
    In other words, my knot is my current joy to write with the dictionary in hand...That was the real metamorphosis of my Lithuanian mourning to discovering of life meaning in new language.

  3. You hit your head and are nauseous with the room spinning and you blog about it? You are one blogging addict!


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