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When Couples Play Wii

I am sitting here watching my sister and her husband play tennis on the Wii - and I marvel at how familiar the husband-wife dynamics is. Is it because my sister and I are so much alike?

There are the encouraging times:

Hubby: Wow, that was a nice serve!
Wife: Thanks.

And there are these times:

Hubby: Quit choking when you play with me. You don't have to impress me.
Wife: Whatever! Quit trying to distract me.

Hubby: Why don't you stand up so you can play better?
Wife: Why don't you move so you don't block the sensor?

Hubby: Usog ka dun! Wala akong space. (For the nth time.)
Wife: Lumayo ka sa akin sabi!

Hubby: It's not that fun being that smart and not being good at video games, is it?

Hubby: OUCH! (Wife accidentally hit him with the Wiimote.)

Wife: Aray. (Wife gets hit on the head due to an over enthusiastic swing.)

All the bickering and irritation melt away, though, when Sam starts screaming for attention. It's been a great weekend. :)


  1. HAha. Thanks to the Wii parang mas sisipagin din kami pumunta jan. it helps din na may bed na at in fairness di kasing amoy smoke na jan sa kwartong maliit.


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