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Weekend Of Indulgence

This weekend has been so busy for me (and it's not really over yet) and though it should have been one of those lean weekends, it is turning out to be one of those times of indulgence. I guess I can be excused as we celebrated Hannah's and Mom's birthdays. Then tonight we held one last "party" for Earl before he leaves on Monday.

It's 4 am and we just got home and though I am so sleepy, I feel that I cannot sleep because I am so full. We have been eating non-stop since Friday night (well, alright, I am exaggerating a bit) so I guess it is a good thing that we played the Wii a bit tonight. It was my first time to actually try it and I had LOTS of fun.

I was thinking, the Wii could substitute for exercise and diet pills! Maybe someone will get me a Wii for Christmas - an early gift, maybe? ;)


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