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We Love V.I.M.S.

We spent majority of the day at the Bureau of Immigration and we had some pleasant surprises. Beth, a friend of ours who works there, told me about V.I.M.S. program that the Bureau has launched recently. What does it stand for?

Visa Issuance Made Simple

Pretty nifty, huh? And it really seemed to work! Even if we spent a lot of time there, we didn't really have to undergo such painful processes as we used to. The reason we had to spend a lot of time was that we had to wait for a lot of people (breaks I guess). The thing that really made me happy is that we got everything done in a day! I think the new commissioner is actually getting some things done!

Now we only need to go back one more time for the hearing, which was scheduled for this Friday. I could hardly believe that they scheduled it this fast! Crossing our fingers that everything will go without a hitch...


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