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Tylenol versus Mefenamic Acid

Pill poppers unite! LOL, I am just kidding. Pill popper might be derogatory for some people but hey, if you know the value and efficacy of pills, then why not take them? I know some people will be chuckling as they read this, as they know about my affinity for pills. As I always say, why suffer from the pain when you can do something about it?

Anyway, I knew since last night that a migraine episode was coming on...the left side of my head was tender and I could feel the throbbing start. True enough, I woke up early this morning to a pounding in my head.

I usually take two gel caps of Tylenol Extra Strength but lately, they do not seem to do the job. So this morning, I took Mefenamic Acid 500 mg. It did its magic within an hour - with the help of a short nap.

So which is better? I used to think it was Tylenol, now I am not so sure.


  1. I don't think we have Mefinac (sp) available here in the States. Unless of course it goes by another name. I have found Tylenol to work for me on the occasions that I have to take something for pain.

  2. Mefenamic Acid is the generic name - I think. Perhaps Ponstel would be more familiar?

  3. Ruy is obsessed with Mefenamic. He converted me on it as well...much cheaper too

  4. Maybe you got too used to Tylenol?

  5. Livi - yeah, especially since we can buy mefenamic acid in its generic form. Did you know that they have a special sales thing at the Children's Hospital where you can buy mefenamic for as low as 1 peso?

    Avril - probably, that's why I am laying off it for now. Vicodin, here I come! hehe


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