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Trying to Solve Credit Card Issues

I remember telling myself many years ago that I would never get a credit card for myself. I broke that promise about a year ago when our company offered us a credit card. Since then, I have realized the importance of having one (or maybe even more than one) and at the same time, I have personally experienced the perils of having one.

I will not go into details but I am sure you guys would know how easy it is to accrue a huge bill over time. I am still in that stage wherein I know I can pay my balance off eventually but I am already looking for ways to ease the burden.

One solution that I am looking at is to get a balance transfer credit card. This simply means that I can get a new credit card which will take my current balance. One big advantage is that I can get 0% interest. There are many options to choose from so I really need to think about this. I hope it works out fine.


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