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Still Needing a Halloween Costume

It's been a month or so since I started thinking about Halloween costumes and I still do not have one! I really need to get this done because I just cannot show up without a costume this time around. Come to think of it, I have always been bad with Costumes.

I already shared that story about being new in my current job and being the only person on the team NOT wearing a costume for Halloween. Going further back in time, I cannot remember a single time that I had a great costume. When I was in college, I would hide in my dorm room because I did not want to socialize and I didn't have a good costume of my own.

Oh well, things change and thank God I have found Costume Cauldron. They not only provide cool costumes for all occasions - Halloween not exempted - but they also pay special attention to halloween costume safety. This is particularly important for me as, if you have any idea about our company, our parties can get quite wild.

People at work love their alcohol and know how to party. Even without alcohol, things can get really wild. Add wine and beer to the equation and you can just imagine the possible accidents that may occur. As such, safety in costumes is paramount to enjoying the evening fully.

Another thing about this site that I liked is that they have a special section for plus size costumes. I know I am incriminating myself but what the heck - I was just really happy to see this section. I was expecting just a few items to choose from but I got a nice surprise - there were quite a lot to browse through. Check out some of my choices:

So they're both fairies - one is just darker than the other. Which one do you think would be a better choice?


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