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Of Coffee, Obama, and McCain

I write for this other blog called Brewed Coffee and I have to tell you, it is a blast! I love coffee, I thrive on it, and reading up on everything and anything about it is just so much fun.

Like today, I read a news article on how your coffee preference dictates your choice for the next United States President. BIGResearch is the company that conducted the survey and these are their findings:

A recent survey found people who get their coffee from Starbucks prefer Barack Obama (44 percent) over JohnMcCain (37.8 percent), while McDonald’s coffee drinkers favor McCain (45.4 percent) over Obama (29.2 percent).

Um, haven't these guys heard of demographics coming into play? It's kinda ridiculous but it was an amusing read. I prefer Starbucks for the taste but McDonald's will do for me as well. Does this mean I prefer Obama but will settle for McCain?

What is your favorite coffee?


  1. Back during the days when I thrive on coffee, I bought McDonald's regularly and Starbucks when my financial reserves allow. I guess that makes me McCain and part-time Obama.

    But then again, I actually prefer Starbucks over McDonald's. Would that make me a "closet Obama" ?

    "Closet Obama"... that doesn't sound right. :D

  2. Wow Andy Briones, you're alive in the blogosphere! And, closet Obama? Only you could think of something like that!


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