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The Interview

I was all ready for the "hearing" with the lawyer even though the day was not starting out so well. We didn't get much sleep and I was up at 6 am to make sure we would be there by 10 am. Our cab didn't arrive till 9am and we knew the traffic would be bad so we were a bit tense. The driver was awesome, though - he got us there with 5 minutes to spare!

We didn't know how long things would take but we were pretty sure that we would be at the Immigration all day. So we ran up the four flights of stairs and presented our hearing notice to the clerk. We were sent to the lawyer's office where we were treated to weird stares and several questions.
Lawyer: What do you do?

Jerry: I used to work for a company called BLEEP but they closed down so I am looking for one right now.

Lawyer (to me): Eh ikaw? (And you?)

Me: I work for a company that teaches English to foreigners through a distance learning platform.

Lawyer: How did you meet?

Jerry: On the Internet.

Lawyer: Where do you live?

Jerry: [Our address.]

Lawyer: Do you own your house?

Jerry: No, we rent.

Lawyer: Do you have kids?

Us: No.
Lawyer calls his secretary and we go over to her table. We sign. She tells us to call on Wednesday to follow up the status of the visa.

I feel weird. It was way too simple. It was over with before I could say my full name. I took a day off thinking that it take us all day. I don't see any reason our application should be denied but somehow I am still on the edge. Wednesday couldn't be here any sooner.


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