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"I ate sushi..."

...and now my tummy hurts. My husband is one of the most unadventurous persons in the world when it comes to food. He sticks to what he likes and good luck with you if you try to introduce him to something new.

Sushi is definitely not a new thing to him but he declares - repeatedly - that he does not like sushi. Last night, we had dinner at Omakase (yum!) and I ordered Philadelphia Rolls. He had his usual Seafood Teppan, miso, and fried rice. I really wanted him to try the rolls because I thought he might like it.

You see, I have had a couple of successes in this regard - bulalo being the biggest. He wouldn't touch the soup in the first place but I got him to try it and now, he is addicted to the stuff. Anyway, I reminded him of that and told him that he would never know if he likes the food or not if he doesn't try it. (Actually, there was more threatening and bribing that went on.)

I succeeded. He got one roll but picked it apart. First that came out of the sushi roll was the mango. Then came the cucumbers. Then a bit of the cream cheese. Almost nothing was left. He sniffed the thing several times before gathering up the courage to pop it into his mouth.

It was a flop. All the way to the grocery store and while doing the groceries, he could only say one thing: I don't like sushi.

How can you NOT like sushi?

Photo courtesy of Sklathill


  1. That is an honest effort in your attempt to share your love for sushi. At least you had more to eat at the table.
    I tried to convert my wife to Thai food once and I failed miserably.

  2. We both love Thai food - so that is good. And lol about more food on my plate! By the way, I visited your site, do you ship internationally?


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