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Happy Horsing @ Route

Jerry used to only drink light beer. His tastebuds are fragile. ;) Recently, though, he has taken a liking for San Mig Pale and Red Horse. So last night at Route, he ordered several Red Horse(s). To our delight, he got a Happy Horse!

Filipinos who like to drink (is there someone who doesn't? hehe) have this legend about the Happy Horse. You see, the Red Horse bottle normally looks like this:
Take note of how the horse looks. A Happy Horse (and a happy Jerry) looks like this:
See the difference? The horse is actually sporting a grin in the second picture! (Please click on the photos to actually see the difference.)

(Urban) legend has it that the Happy Horse has more kick to it; that it is much more potent than the "normal" horse. More so, it is said that in each case of Red Horse beer, there is only one Happy Horse - so it is hard to get one. How true is the legend?

I saw a good explanation over at Project.D. And based on personal experience, let's just say that there is no difference in taste AND you can actually just request for a Happy Horse anytime you want one. Well, at least you can do that in Route.


  1. Sounds like a great beer. My hubby would sure enjoy something like this.

  2. Yup, Michelle, it's pretty good beer. If you find yourself in this part of the world, let me know and we can drink some!

  3. Oh my gosh!I really miss having a red horse,one of my fave beers!

  4. Hi Maria! It sure is good beer, isn't it?


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