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Good News for Globe Postpaid Subscribers

Livi has been a Globe postpaid customer for quite some time and she sent me this:

- For loyalty / retention using your current globe postpaid line if you average P5,000 - P7,999 a month you can get iPhone 3G 16GB P6,000 handset price if you average 8000 up a month you can get the iPhone 3G 16GB P2,300 handset price -first 1000 reservations get an additional 1K discount for the handset

Pretty neat, huh? Unfortunately, I am not a current subscriber and I do not know anyone who averages this much per month.


  1. what the hell is that? I live in America and luckily AT&T makes you pay a lump fee so you don't worry what your total usage is... im sure im getting beat fee wise, but who knows! I'd get lost trying to keep track of this measurement

  2. That's a good news. My wife is spending around P5500 on her monthly bills.


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