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GO Argentina!

Carlos sent me a link to an article about Manu and I have to say, the last paragraph brought tears to my eyes:

For old times’ sake, here come the Americans for Argentina, and Kobe for Ginobili. Maybe once and for all, here they go again. So, the greatest player in Argentina history raised his arms and clenched a fist, and halfway across the world, R.C. Buford knew the truth: The Spurs never had a chance.

That last sentence refers to the fact that the Spurs management was iffy about Manu playing in the Olympics due to his injury. This would have been good time for him to rest up before the NBA starts again. But, you can't stop a man with a heart like Manu's.

Here's to Argentina beating the odds later today - and if they don't, Manu will still be the player that he is.


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