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For Want of Better Home Lighting

When we first moved into our shoebox, we were actually delighted at how the apartment was constructed despite its size. The electrical outlets were placed in very convenient places and they accept both round and flat plugs. Exhaust fans were place in necessary places as well. The ceiling lights were not extraordinary but they worked fine.

A month or so later, though, the lights started becoming funky. It seems that they used some kind of electrical ballast from Japan and they wore out easily. We have replaced most of our lights and now, more than a year later, the dining room light is busted again. I think I want to buy my own fixtures this time, instead of getting one from the landlord.

I actually want one of those lighting fixtures with ceiling fans attached to them. That way, we wouldn't need to keep moving the desk fans around. This site, Farreys, specializes in home fixtures such as craftmade fans, which I think would be perfect as our apartment is quite small and we need custom made fixtures most of the time. I browsed through the site and found countless other options, some of them I have never heard of before, like fanimation ceiling fans.

If you are looking for home fixtures, try visiting Farreys - you never know what you might find!


  1. Good idea!! This home decor stuff is looking nice!!

  2. Hi Cindy, you can also check more recent posts on lighting - we got new lights and I think they're really cool. Thanks for dropping by!


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