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For Japanese Food Lovers

Ever since Pia gave me a tub of red miso paste, I have been looking for one in the various grocery stores over here. Jer and I really enjoyed that miso - it's so easy to prepare. I just normally boil several cups of water, add onions and leeks, add several tablespoons of the paste, and voila, we have great miso soup! Sometimes I also add white fish if we have some.

Anyway, I finally found the miso paste. Guess where? Shopwise Libis. For less than PhP200, it is a very good buy.


  1. hey, that sounds good even though I've never had Miso soup. Maybe I'll check around my area and see if they have it and try it out.

    Speaking of food, thanks for the correction on the location of the "toilet" themed restaurant, I appreciate the catch. Also I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Oh you should try it - any Japanese restaurant will have it. And no prob about the toilet resto. It's quirky, isn't it???


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