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Fish Rage

Ever since Miguel, our colleague, brought a Siamese Fighting Fish to work, everyone has wanted one. Now we not only have one fish in the office - we have several. To be honest, it got me wanting a Betta (another name for this kind of fish) again. I have had several of these in the past few years but they always seem to die on me.

Maybe this time I'll be luckier. Maybe in addition to the basic supplies, I should get pet supplements that would make the fish healthier and live longer.

One thing I know - Bettas are really beautiful.


  1. Fish. You can't hug them. They poo in their living environment then swim around with the poo attached to their behinds. You have to take everything out of the bowl to clean it every so often. They're boring.

    No fish for me thank you, unless it's going into my tummy.

    Now cats...they clean themselves and they're great to hug. To anyone who says that cats don't come to you, if the cat refuses to come near you, that says something about you, not the cat! :P

  2. Ha ha Aves...never going to turn me into a cat lover!


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