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Date Night With The Dark Knight

Jerry and I initiated date night early in our marriage. Our aim was to spend time together outside of the house in the hopes of injecting more fun in our relationship. Yup, I am not the funnest person this side of the world.

Though we were hell bent on keeping Date Night alive, it just sort of died down after a while. I have to admit, it was mainly because of me. I guess I overdid it with work from time to time and I just couldn't summon enough energy to go out.

Anyway, last night, we decided to revive Date Night. We went out to eat, Jerry had a beer, I had some wine. I didn't realize how much I missed it. It was actually cool because Sandwich was playing at the Eastwood Circle (or whatever it is called). Sitting there, I was reminded of the me that I used to be (a bit, at least).

We also watched The Dark Knight - finally. Now you have to understand, I am the kind who watches movies at home while working on my laptop. I realized that I have forgotten how to enjoy a show without being distracted by other ("more important") things. Needless to say, we really enjoyed out night out even if we were both so tired by the time we went home at 3 am.


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