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The Couple that "Wiis" Together, Stays Together

Jerry and I are perhaps the most competitive couple that I know. From food (yes sometimes we try to out-eat each other) to video games, we always seem to be trying to out do one another. That is why I have stopped playing video games with him a long time ago - we just ended up fighting.

That is why I am quite happy with how things are working out. He got his birthday gift way ahead of time yesterday and we have spent most of the time since then playing on the Wii. :DCute bag that came with the package

The little boy with his new toy

The Wii in its new home - she does not have a name yet.
Any suggestions?

Our current favorite? Tennis - we get to play as a team and believe it or not, we actually encourage each other just like real players! I am liking this kind of gaming.

Of course, if we want to fight, we can always box (with) each other - now this is another story altogether!


  1. Wiilma!! nyok nyok

  2. I don't have name suggestions probably because I am supposedly without humor and so what I would come up with would theoretically be boring. Anyway, is that Drogo?!

  3. the couple that wii's together, stays together, eh? We'll see about that =PPP We have to play tennis again soon! You can bring your controllers (or we can bring ours) and let's play against each other. that wud be fun!

  4. I want to get a wii, maybe for Christmas. But will I play? Right now blogging takes up a lot of my time.

  5. Yuck, Livi...
    Vicki, it's all theoretical! And yes that is Drogo.
    Yeah Ren, we should. You guys flaked out on us last night!

  6. Mekhismom - yeah, a Wii should be on your Christmas list. I suggest getting it a bit early though, as they are predicting massive shortages for the Christmas season (again). I am sure you'll find a little time to play - you'll make time for it. ;)


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