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Cooking It Up with Cooking Mama: Game Review

I have always loved video games - ask my parents and they will attest to that. I always thought I was pretty good but after 3 years of marriage to Jerry, there is no doubt that the axiom that there is always someone out there who is better than you is true.

Anyway, as much as I love playing games, I have not had much time to do so - until we got the Wii. We got this game called Cooking Mama and it is so much fun! You get to cook like in real life. For example, you chop ingredients by moving your Wii-mote in a chopping motion. You have to stir your concoctions by moving the Wii-mote in a similar motion. You get the idea?

Your tasks are timed and some are easier than the others. I kinda suck at some of the tasks but I think I am getting the hang of it. What I like is that you get to "discover" new recipes as you complete each of the ones that you already have.

Graphics are cute and are reasonably close to reality. Load times are almost non-existent (I think it's true for a lot of Wii games but I am not sure). One drawback - the girl who keeps telling you that you "are better than Mama" gets on my nerves a bit.

The bottom line: you should give Cooking Mama a try. Even Jerry gets caught up in the game.


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