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Casual Game Review: Farm Frenzy 2

I promise you that if you start playing this game, you won't want to stop. Farm Frenzy 2, as the name implies, is the second installation in this farming casual game series. There has been a spate of farming "rush" games wherein you have to manage your time and tasks but I have to say that the Farm Frenzy franchise is the best.

So what makes FF2 so addictive? I honestly do not know! Perhaps you can blame it on the cute animals whose behavior is kinda weird. Imagine a cat picking up farm produce and storing them (no, not in his litter box). Then imagine bears - panda bears, polar bears, and brown bears - dropping out of the sky and eating your pigs, chickens, cows, etc. if you do not cage them in time.

Seriously, FF2 is so much fun because there are more levels than the first one. I think this game is harder as well. However, the basic game play is still the same. You buy animals to get their "product" and buy buildings to manufacture other items, which sell for a higher price. You can upgrade the buildings as you go along as well. Of course, the time limit still applies.

If you want to have a blast, you really should play this game. Oh - the husband just gave me a shout, he just finished the game! It took him a day of accumulated play I think but the game does have high replay value.


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