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Aussie Rib-eye from Ants

We just realized last night how much beef we have been eating for the past weeks - thanks to Jerry's aching knees (getting old?). Wagyu burgers from Livi, steak from Hot Rocks, and the Aussie rib-eye from Ants - not to mention the beef stew and beef strips that we bought from Shopwise. Starting next pay day (when we do our groceries again), we have to cut back. Otherwise, someone's knees just might give in.

Anyhow, I wanted to write about the steak we ordered from Ants. For PhP575 a kilo, it was really worth it. For a kilo, you get 3 huge slabs of rib-eye. The steaks are pre-marinated so you don't really have to do anything else but grill or pan fry the meat. I decided to pan fry it in olive oil and some butter. You just have to make sure the pan is really really hot so you sear the meat on contact. After that, you can cook it in lower heat to your heart's desire (yup, I like my steak well done). Bake some potatoes, slather them in butter, and you are set for one of the best meals ever!

By the way, they deliver the steaks so let me know if you want to order and I'll give you her e-mail address.


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