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Apple iPhone to Be Launched By Globe: August 22

So the iPhone is going to be launched by Globe in a couple of weeks. I have been waiting for this for a long time and now it's just anti-climactic.

Now I knew that it was NOT going to be cheap. BUT Globe's prepaid price is just outrageous - PhP 48,000++!!!

For postpaid, the plans for data are not so attractive either. I think I am going to have to wait this out. Screenshots from Globe's site:


  1. The 8Gig iPhone with the 800Php G-Flex plan looks like a sweet spot. :)

    I might take it around Christmas time. Here's hoping that supplies won't be constricted then. :)

    Btw, though GLOBE is not admitting it, the reason that the Prepaid price is outrageous is because that option kinda defeats their "exclusivity" deal with the iPhone. :)

  2. Can you get it for me at Christmas, too? He he...Did you see their offering to current postpaid subscribers? Baka you know someone who qualifies - let's buy!


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