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When Couples Play Wii

I am sitting here watching my sister and her husband play tennis on the Wii - and I marvel at how familiar the husband-wife dynamics is. Is it because my sister and I are so much alike? There are the encouraging times: Hubby: Wow, that was a nice serve! Wife: Thanks. And there are these times: Hubby: Quit choking when you play with me. You don't have to impress me. Wife: Whatever! Quit trying to distract me. Hubby: Why don't you stand up so you can play better? Wife: Why don't you move so you don't block the sensor? Hubby: Usog ka dun! Wala akong space. ( For the nth time .) Wife: Lumayo ka sa akin sabi! Hubby: It's not that fun being that smart and not being good at video games, is it? Hubby: OUCH! ( Wife accidentally hit him with the Wiimote. ) Wife: Aray. ( Wife gets hit on the head due to an over enthusiastic swing. ) All the bickering and irritation melt away, though, when Sam starts screaming for attention. It's been a great weekend. :

When Your Hair Starts Thinning

They say that baldness is pretty much a male problem but the way I am shedding hair, I think that maybe I should be concerned about this as well! I am not seeing any signs of baldness but I really do shed way too much hair. Maybe it is normal? I don't know but in any case, I found myself looking for Hair Loss Product Reviews on the Internet. I have seen and heard some ads on various hair loss treatments but I really am not knowledgeable in this topic. That is why I found this site on hair loss products quite informative. It features different products that are available on the market and provides intensive information on them. The good thing about this web site is that it has consolidated information on a wide variety of hair loss products. This means that consumers (like you and me!) do not need to visit the individual web site of the product. This makes searching for information very convenient. From one location, you can compare the features of each hair loss produ

Seafood Craving

I don't know why but since last night I have been craving for seafood. Fish, shrimps, mussels, crabs - I don't care as long as it is seafood. There are a lot of options but I am leaning towards going to the market and buying fresh seafood and cooking it at home. I just might do that since Sam's coming over for a visit.

Of Coffee, Obama, and McCain

I write for this other blog called Brewed Coffee and I have to tell you, it is a blast! I love coffee, I thrive on it, and reading up on everything and anything about it is just so much fun. Like today, I read a news article on how your coffee preference dictates your choice for the next United States President. BIGResearch is the company that conducted the survey and these are their findings: A recent survey found people who get their coffee from Starbucks prefer Barack Obama (44 percent) over JohnMcCain (37.8 percent), while McDonald’s coffee drinkers favor McCain (45.4 percent) over Obama (29.2 percent). Um, haven't these guys heard of demographics coming into play? It's kinda ridiculous but it was an amusing read. I prefer Starbucks for the taste but McDonald's will do for me as well. Does this mean I prefer Obama but will settle for McCain? What is your favorite coffee?

To Grill or Not to Grill?

I was watching Bobby Flay's Throwdown last night and the theme was barbecued ribs. He challenged this guy from Richmond and as I was watching the show, I couldn't help but want to have barbecued ribs. Actually, I just want anything grilled. The thing is, we do not have a grill. I am now thinking of getting one but the really nice ones are quite expensive. I saw an electric grill at Shopwise for a reasonable price but I am not sure if it will produce the same results as a charcoal grill. Anyone have some tips?

Casual Game Review: Farm Frenzy 2

I promise you that if you start playing this game, you won't want to stop. Farm Frenzy 2, as the name implies, is the second installation in this farming casual game series. There has been a spate of farming "rush" games wherein you have to manage your time and tasks but I have to say that the Farm Frenzy franchise is the best. So what makes FF2 so addictive? I honestly do not know! Perhaps you can blame it on the cute animals whose behavior is kinda weird. Imagine a cat picking up farm produce and storing them (no, not in his litter box ). Then imagine bears - panda bears, polar bears, and brown bears - dropping out of the sky and eating your pigs, chickens, cows, etc. if you do not cage them in time. Seriously, FF2 is so much fun because there are more levels than the first one. I think this game is harder as well. However, the basic game play is still the same. You buy animals to get their "product" and buy buildings to manufacture other items, wh

Weird Couple? Maybe We Just Really Like Video Games!

Our "spending time together" these past couple of days has been really weird and, I think, amusing. You see, Jerry and I do not get to spend too much time together because of work. So we try to make it a point to talk for a bit at night before going to bed and spend time on the weekend. Last night, though, I was struck by the strangeness of our together time. I got home and he was playing our new PC game - Farm Frenzy 2 (might post a review later). I have been itching to play it as well so I installed it on Koryu. I sat down on the bed beside him and we ended up playing the same game, on our own computers, side by side until the wee hours of morning. Yeah we bonded. We even made comments from time to time. And the most important thing is that we had a lot of fun. Oh yeah, by the way, we are doing it again tonight.

The Interview

I was all ready for the "hearing" with the lawyer even though the day was not starting out so well. We didn't get much sleep and I was up at 6 am to make sure we would be there by 10 am. Our cab didn't arrive till 9am and we knew the traffic would be bad so we were a bit tense. The driver was awesome, though - he got us there with 5 minutes to spare! We didn't know how long things would take but we were pretty sure that we would be at the Immigration all day. So we ran up the four flights of stairs and presented our hearing notice to the clerk. We were sent to the lawyer's office where we were treated to weird stares and several questions. Lawyer: What do you do? Jerry: I used to work for a company called BLEEP but they closed down so I am looking for one right now. Lawyer (to me): Eh ikaw? (And you?) Me: I work for a company that teaches English to foreigners through a distance learning platform. Lawyer: How did you meet? Jerry: On the Int

The Acne Fixation

I shared something about my young cousin who was asking for advice regarding her acne problem the other day. On the way to Immigration today, for some reason, I got to thinking about this particular topic again. Our culture seems to be fixated on this problem. From ads to movies to TV shows - it's much like weight loss - we see and hear about it. Then again I think it is understandable. After all, it's your face we are talking about here - it's not something you can hide from public view. Oh well, anyway, I'll be posting about the Immigration trip later on.

Big (Immigration) Day Tomorrow

It's a big day for us tomorrow - we have the last hearing for Jer's permanent visa and I am a bit anxious. Though I can see no reason for us to be denied, you never know what might happen. I still remember the first hearing we had to go through - that's a story for another post. I just hope that everything goes smoothly and that we will be able to get his visa approved. After this, we will (hopefully) be done with this Immigration stuff...I hope I can sleep.

My Love Song

Learned about the quiz from Vicki's blog . Your Love Song Is Your Body Is a Wonderland by John Mayer "One mile to every inch of Your skin like porcelain One pair of candy lips and Your bubblegum tongue" Why go out... when so much fun can be had indoors? What Love Song Are You? Umm...never really liked this song. And me, I thought I was a prude!? The last line though - why go out? Ha ha, totally me!

The First Step to Solving Problems

What do they say in programs like AA? The first step is to admit that you have a problem. It sounds simple and easy but we know that in reality, things are not so simple. You can always "admit" something. That is, you can utter words to that effect but it does not mean that you actually believe it. I admire people who are able to really admit that they do have a problem. That is indeed the first step. But I have more admiration for those people who can actually take things one step further and do something about their situation. I hope to God that I can see some of this kind of action soon.

Giving Teenage Advice

I realized just how old I am getting this morning when my teenage cousin sent me a text message asking me how to get rid of acne . I don't think that I am the best person to ask about these things but I had to be a "good older cousin." So I told her to do two things: 1. Visit web sites that provide in-depth information on this problem. 2. Find a good dermatologist. I think she'll be satisfied with the first as there are so many resources online that could help her. Not only will it not cost her money but it will also give her an excuse to spend more time online.

This Was NOT In The Handbook

Not that there was any handbook in the first place. I never knew that I would actually experience something like this. I am at a total loss. On the one hand, I have a vague idea of what I SHOULD do. On the other hand, I feel that the right thing to do would be to give support. It is going to be a rough night.

The Genius of Jakob Dylan

The name Dylan should be familiar enough. Jakob Dylan is the son of rock icon Bob Dylan. He is better known, though, as the front man for the band The Wallflowers. I have been listening to their album Bringing Down the Horse and as old as it may be (it was released in 1996), I still can't stop listening to it. A lot of the songs are depressing and yet there are some that just make you want to sing along. I think Jakob Dylan's a genius just like his dad was (is). I keep hearing these lines from One Headlight in my head: Hey, come on try a little Nothing is forever There's got to be something better than In the middle But me & Cinderella We put it all together We can drive it home With one headlight Well this place is old It feels just like a beat up truck I turn the engine, but the engine doesn't turn Well it smells of cheap wine & cigarettes This place is always such a mess Sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn I

Fish Rage

Ever since Miguel, our colleague, brought a Siamese Fighting Fish to work, everyone has wanted one. Now we not only have one fish in the office - we have several. To be honest, it got me wanting a Betta (another name for this kind of fish) again. I have had several of these in the past few years but they always seem to die on me. Maybe this time I'll be luckier. Maybe in addition to the basic supplies, I should get pet supplements that would make the fish healthier and live longer. One thing I know - Bettas are really beautiful.

Crossroads Once Again

Too old to be wild and free still Too young to be over the hill Should I try to grow up But who knows where to start Sun comes up and sun sinks down And I seen 'em both in this tourist town Up for days in a rage Just tryin' to search my soul From the answers and the reasons why I'm at these crossroads in my life And I really don't know Which way to go (From Kenny Chesney's Beer in Mexico)

Missing Thailand

My legs are killing me...all that walking we did today is taking its toll. I miss Thailand the most during these moments. Over there, you could get a foot (and leg) massage anytime, anywhere. I remember walking all day and stopping by a foot massage parlor right beside the hotel. The 1-hour session is more than enough to chase the pain away and give you extra energy to do more exploring. I wonder when we can go back...

Make New Friends

Everyone can use new friends anytime. If you are from the U.S. you can actually broaden your horizons by trying out a free chat service that operates nationwide. Talk121 is currently offering free services for their chat line all over the country and if you are looking for something more on the adventurous side, you can try their adult chat services. Interested? Pick up your phone. ;)

We Love V.I.M.S.

We spent majority of the day at the Bureau of Immigration and we had some pleasant surprises. Beth, a friend of ours who works there, told me about V.I.M.S. program that the Bureau has launched recently. What does it stand for? V isa I ssuance M ade S imple Pretty nifty, huh? And it really seemed to work! Even if we spent a lot of time there, we didn't really have to undergo such painful processes as we used to. The reason we had to spend a lot of time was that we had to wait for a lot of people (breaks I guess). The thing that really made me happy is that we got everything done in a day! I think the new commissioner is actually getting some things done! Now we only need to go back one more time for the hearing, which was scheduled for this Friday. I could hardly believe that they scheduled it this fast! Crossing our fingers that everything will go without a hitch...

Pick Up Repairs

I don't think I wrote about it here but we got a used pick up truck last month. We got it mainly for my parents but it also means that we have a truck to use every time we need one. Since it is a used car, it is but necessary for it to undergo some repairs. We have been looking for some car parts that Harvey (yup, we named him too) would need. I really don't know much about this so I am leaving it up to Daddy and Jerry - thank God for them.

Cooking Lesson for the Day

DO NOT COOK WHEN YOU ARE VERY HUNGRY. Or maybe, don't wait till you are starving to start cooking. I could come up with many reasons for this. One of the most important reasons is this: you will probably be shaking and end up cutting yourself. Yup, it is almost 4 pm and I just started cooking lunch. Unfortunately, I needed to peel and cut up some baby carrots. I almost ended up with sliced fingers as well - not to mention that I am so hungry I could eat everything that I have prepared, with nothing left for Jer. So again, cook before you find yourself in that situation - shaky knees and hands and a voracious appetite.

How to Get in Touch with Wilkins?

I have been searching online for the hotline for delivery of Wilkins distilled water in Manila. The numbers I found are all NOT working. I can't believe that they have not made their hotline number more easily accessible. Or maybe my searching powers are not working right now? In case you're wondering, I am considering other options for drinking water. The store that provides our water is alright but Jer and I have been having tummy problems and we cannot figure out the reason. Maybe it's the water? Anyone knows the info I need? Help? :)

My Sexy Name

Got this from Livi. Get Your Sexy Name So apt isn't it?

Cooking It Up with Cooking Mama: Game Review

I have always loved video games - ask my parents and they will attest to that. I always thought I was pretty good but after 3 years of marriage to Jerry, there is no doubt that the axiom that there is always someone out there who is better than you is true. Anyway, as much as I love playing games, I have not had much time to do so - until we got the Wii. We got this game called Cooking Mama and it is so much fun! You get to cook like in real life. For example, you chop ingredients by moving your Wii-mote in a chopping motion. You have to stir your concoctions by moving the Wii-mote in a similar motion. You get the idea? Your tasks are timed and some are easier than the others. I kinda suck at some of the tasks but I think I am getting the hang of it. What I like is that you get to "discover" new recipes as you complete each of the ones that you already have. Graphics are cute and are reasonably close to reality. Load times are almost non-existent (I think it's

Tylenol versus Mefenamic Acid

Pill poppers unite! LOL, I am just kidding. Pill popper might be derogatory for some people but hey, if you know the value and efficacy of pills, then why not take them? I know some people will be chuckling as they read this, as they know about my affinity for pills. As I always say, why suffer from the pain when you can do something about it? Anyway, I knew since last night that a migraine episode was coming on...the left side of my head was tender and I could feel the throbbing start. True enough, I woke up early this morning to a pounding in my head. I usually take two gel caps of Tylenol Extra Strength but lately, they do not seem to do the job. So this morning, I took Mefenamic Acid 500 mg. It did its magic within an hour - with the help of a short nap. So which is better? I used to think it was Tylenol, now I am not so sure.

For Want of Better Home Lighting

When we first moved into our shoebox, we were actually delighted at how the apartment was constructed despite its size. The electrical outlets were placed in very convenient places and they accept both round and flat plugs. Exhaust fans were place in necessary places as well. The ceiling lights were not extraordinary but they worked fine. A month or so later, though, the lights started becoming funky. It seems that they used some kind of electrical ballast from Japan and they wore out easily. We have replaced most of our lights and now, more than a year later, the dining room light is busted again. I think I want to buy my own fixtures this time, instead of getting one from the landlord. I actually want one of those lighting fixtures with ceiling fans attached to them. That way, we wouldn't need to keep moving the desk fans around. This site, Farreys, specializes in home fixtures such as craftmade fans , which I think would be perfect as our apartment is quite small and

My Spa

I found this really good home service spa that offers their services here in Manila (courtesy of Glenna). They're called MY SPA and I have been using them for quite some time now and I have to say that I really like them. Jer and I had foot spas today - long overdue ones. Then I had a full body massage. They actually have a wide array of services - from facials to waxing to a host of massages. What I like is that you can specify the intensity of the massage that you prefer and they will send you a specific masseuse. My favorite is Emily. Seriously, you will be amazed at how strong her hands are and how she can keep up the intense pressure for 2 hours (that's the longest I have had a massage done). Anyway, I was just thinking about how things are so much more convenient these days than they were before. Who would have thought that you could get all these things done in the comfort of your own home?

The Generous Boss

Good bosses have a way of making their employees feel special and appreciated. There are of course many ways to achieve this but one easy way is to give tokens during appropriate occasions. My boss does this every Christmas and everyone really appreciates it. What kinds of gifts can you give? If you are looking for ideas, you can visit Inkhead, a web site that specializes in promotional items and products such as the corporate gifts which I just described. From mugs to pens and even notebooks and bags, they can custom make these things for you. You don't even have to be a "boss" to give these gifts!

One Day in September

While I was waiting for the basketball games to come on last night, I found myself thinking of the 1972 Munich Olympics. I was still pure energy back then, waiting for my parents to somehow find each other. ;) I don't know when I first found out about what happened back then but I know that when I first heard the story, I was fascinated. So last night, I decided to refresh my memory and did some reading on the Munich Massacre , as it was called. A little lesson on history coming up... Early in the morning of September 5, armed members of the Black September , a radical group which was tied up with Yasser Arafat's organization Fatah, stormed the building hosting the Israeli contingent at the Olympic Village in Munich. They took a total of 9 living hostages - a couple of others were killed. Some other athletes and coaches were able to escape while others were living in different quarters and were inaccessible to the terrorists. The terrorists demanded for an airplane to t

Olympic Disappointment

I thought for sure that the Crime Suspense Channel would show the basketball semi final games. I am thoroughly disappointed. It's almost one o'clock in the morning and they are still showing soccer. I love soccer but I really want to watch those games. It really sucks that we don't have Basketball TV on Sky Cable. Maybe tomorrow...

GO Argentina!

Carlos sent me a link to an article about Manu and I have to say, the last paragraph brought tears to my eyes: For old times’ sake, here come the Americans for Argentina, and Kobe for Ginobili. Maybe once and for all, here they go again. So, the greatest player in Argentina history raised his arms and clenched a fist, and halfway across the world, R.C. Buford knew the truth: The Spurs never had a chance. That last sentence refers to the fact that the Spurs management was iffy about Manu playing in the Olympics due to his injury. This would have been good time for him to rest up before the NBA starts again. But, you can't stop a man with a heart like Manu's. Here's to Argentina beating the odds later today - and if they don't, Manu will still be the player that he is.

Aussie Rib-eye from Ants

We just realized last night how much beef we have been eating for the past weeks - thanks to Jerry's aching knees (getting old?). Wagyu burgers from Livi, steak from Hot Rocks, and the Aussie rib-eye from Ants - not to mention the beef stew and beef strips that we bought from Shopwise. Starting next pay day (when we do our groceries again), we have to cut back. Otherwise, someone's knees just might give in. Anyhow, I wanted to write about the steak we ordered from Ants. For PhP575 a kilo, it was really worth it. For a kilo, you get 3 huge slabs of rib-eye. The steaks are pre-marinated so you don't really have to do anything else but grill or pan fry the meat. I decided to pan fry it in olive oil and some butter. You just have to make sure the pan is really really hot so you sear the meat on contact. After that, you can cook it in lower heat to your heart's desire (yup, I like my steak well done). Bake some potatoes, slather them in butter, and you are set for

"I ate sushi..."

...and now my tummy hurts. My husband is one of the most unadventurous persons in the world when it comes to food. He sticks to what he likes and good luck with you if you try to introduce him to something new. Sushi is definitely not a new thing to him but he declares - repeatedly - that he does not like sushi. Last night, we had dinner at Omakase (yum!) and I ordered Philadelphia Rolls. He had his usual Seafood Teppan, miso, and fried rice. I really wanted him to try the rolls because I thought he might like it. You see, I have had a couple of successes in this regard - bulalo being the biggest. He wouldn't touch the soup in the first place but I got him to try it and now, he is addicted to the stuff. Anyway, I reminded him of that and told him that he would never know if he likes the food or not if he doesn't try it. (Actually, there was more threatening and bribing that went on.) I succeeded. He got one roll but picked it apart. First that came out of the sushi

Luxury Real Estate in Boston

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...duty is heavier than a mountain...

Perhaps I'll never know how heavy duty really is, as Rand in the Wheel of Time experienced it, but I do know that sometimes, I feel that this gigantic weight will never be lifted off my shoulders. I want to do everything that I could to help out. I know my responsibilities. Sometimes what I do does not seem to be enough. And I feel bad for these negative feelings that beset me during these times. I should be giving without feeling bad, shouldn't I? Having two, sometimes conflicting, interests further complicates matters. Sometimes I just want to scream. Can't anyone try to do something here? Does it always have to be me? Do I always have to put my interests aside? (Now I feel better and worse at the same time...)

The Tale of the Wagyu Burgers

We got these really nice burger patties made from wagyu (Kobe) beef from Ruy and Livi last week and we had been looking forward to having them for lunch. We've never had wagyu before and I have to say the burgers were really good. I encountered a glitch though - the patties were quite thick and seeing that we have no grill, I had to pan fry them. The result? The outsides were a bit burnt while the insides were still raw. The situation was quickly remedied by making several trips back to the stove. Lesson learned - cook in low heat first. They were still good!

Show Me the Cheap Flights

Yesterday, at work, we got to talking about going on a European tour, perhaps next year. As enticing as the idea sounds, I do not know if we will be able to afford it. The flights alone are way too expensive, not to mention the hotels and other expenses. I found a site with really good flight deals , though, and looking through their offers, it just might be possible for us to buy airplane tickets through them. I think that what they do is aggregate other data that can be found on the Web and choose the best deals possible. I have to show this to Am and Ren, who are making plans as well.

The Noe Effect

According to Jerry: "The Noe Effect is when you are up by 40 to nothing in Wii Tennis and your opponents catch up. This is because you (Noe) panics and miss the ball or hit it out." It's kinda true. I do pretty well in the beginning and then get all tensed up. Also, I realized that my mind wanders. I suddenly think of something about work or writing (or anything else for that matter) and before I know it, I would miss the ball. But hey, my Mii's status is a pro now! ;)

Need to Stop Eating?

Ren and I walked over to the drugstore earlier to get some stuff and we got to talking about appetite suppressants. She is currently using something right now but she wants something stronger and more effective. I found this site called custom hrt which offers really low priced non-prescription diet pills. They ship to all the 50 states and they also guarantee immediate shipping. I'm gonna go tell her to check this out.

For Japanese Food Lovers

Ever since Pia gave me a tub of red miso paste, I have been looking for one in the various grocery stores over here. Jer and I really enjoyed that miso - it's so easy to prepare. I just normally boil several cups of water, add onions and leeks, add several tablespoons of the paste, and voila, we have great miso soup! Sometimes I also add white fish if we have some. Anyway, I finally found the miso paste. Guess where? Shopwise Libis. For less than PhP200, it is a very good buy.

A Different Kind of Online Shopping

As you may already know, I am quite fascinated with online shopping . The convenience that it brings matches no other. There are countless online stores on the Internet from all parts of the world although there are a handful of major players in this arena. One slight problem (not really a serious one) when it comes to online shopping, though, is that normally, you would have to visit individual stores to seek out the best deals. More so, online stores that aggregate data from various manufacturers sometimes only show those products (or other stores) that have paid for placement in their sites. As such, you may not be getting everything that is on offer. A different kind of shopping is what ShopWiki offers consumers from all over the world. This is because they do not merely feature stores that have paid for placement. Instead, they use a method similar to that which search engines use - they index the Web for stores and products and provide information on them. For example, I

Dreamwalkersworld Reviewed

I just woke up from a late afternoon nap and while I am still shrugging off the cobwebs of sleep, I am going through my Inbox...just saw an e-mail from the guy over at The Blog Reviewer . I sent them a review request several weeks ago and this blog got reviewed on the 5th of August. The review was not as good as I had hoped it would be but the suggestions that the reviewer had are very useful. My main goal now is to really work on my template. SD, where are my graphics??? Thanks to the guys at The Blog Reviewer for the review.

Happy Horsing @ Route

Jerry used to only drink light beer. His tastebuds are fragile. ;) Recently, though, he has taken a liking for San Mig Pale and Red Horse. So last night at Route, he ordered several Red Horse(s). To our delight, he got a Happy Horse! Filipinos who like to drink (is there someone who doesn't? hehe) have this legend about the Happy Horse. You see, the Red Horse bottle normally looks like this: Take note of how the horse looks. A Happy Horse (and a happy Jerry) looks like this: See the difference? The horse is actually sporting a grin in the second picture! (Please click on the photos to actually see the difference.) (Urban) legend has it that the Happy Horse has more kick to it; that it is much more potent than the "normal" horse. More so, it is said that in each case of Red Horse beer, there is only one Happy Horse - so it is hard to get one. How true is the legend? I saw a good explanation over at Project.D . And based on personal experience, let's just

Try to Get Rid of Debt

Debt is something that many people have problems dealing with. I suppose that with the current economic situation, it is but understandable that we find ourselves owing more than what we would want to. One option for those who have debt spread out among many creditors is debt consolidation. There are many debt consolidation companies in existence today but not all of them operate under the non profit category. One such debt consolidation company is DebtCo . They can be reached from anywhere in the United States through their web site or through this number: 888-335-0343. Companies like DebtCo can help people with various debt problems. One specific debt problem involves bills. We all know how bills can have a way of accumulating until the situation reaches a point wherein they can be almost impossible to pay off all at once. This is where bill consolidation comes very handy. After some time of not being able to pay bills off, what usually happens is that the interests pile u

Route 196 for Tara

We were not really planning on going out this weekend but we went anyway. After all, it was for a good cause. Last week, we heard about a young woman named Tara who got shot in the head while riding a jeepney on the way home. It was the eve of her birthday. A man held her up in the jeep, grabbed her bag, and shot her. She is still in the hospital and is fighting for her survival. Her friends have organized a series of concerts to help with the medical expenses. She was Angelique's student at Assumption and when she asked us to go to the gig tonight, we decided to drop by for a bit. We only got to watch one band (Matilda) but we had a fine time hanging out with Angelique and Bruce. Jeannie, a colleague, was also there. Anyhow, the whole thing got me thinking. I know that the city streets are not 100% safe, especially at night. Still, it was not this bad a year or so back. We have always had robberies and muggings. Heck, Jerry was even mugged in Makati. However, peopl

LASIK: Project for 2009

I normally do not plan about "projects" way in advance. I like to live one day at a time and see where the current takes me. Lately though, I have been having really inconvenient problems because of my eyesight. I have been wearing glasses since I was in 3rd grade. For most of my adult life though, I have been wearing contact lenses and when I work for hours on end, they tend to dry up. Like today, I was playing tennis on the Wii and I had to keep blinking to keep my lenses lubricated. This made me lose a lot! (Haha I have a good excuse for losing!) Anyway, next year, I hope to get my eyes LASIK-ed. My boss just had his done a week or so ago and he said that it costs way cheaper now. Well, here's to my saving enough money to get it done next year!

Still Needing a Halloween Costume

It's been a month or so since I started thinking about Halloween costumes and I still do not have one! I really need to get this done because I just cannot show up without a costume this time around. Come to think of it, I have always been bad with Costumes . I already shared that story about being new in my current job and being the only person on the team NOT wearing a costume for Halloween. Going further back in time, I cannot remember a single time that I had a great costume. When I was in college, I would hide in my dorm room because I did not want to socialize and I didn't have a good costume of my own. Oh well, things change and thank God I have found Costume Cauldron. They not only provide cool costumes for all occasions - Halloween not exempted - but they also pay special attention to halloween costume safety . This is particularly important for me as, if you have any idea about our company, our parties can get quite wild. People at work love their alcohol a

I Love Chicharon

When I was a kid, my dad used to make chicharon often. I loved how he used the pork fat with bits of meat in it. Then I moved to college and discovered the "great" chicharon of Bulacan. It was basically the same thing that my dad made - "laman" and all. For those who are clueless, chicharon is basically pork fat that is seasoned and then deep fried - pork rinds in English. Wikipedia provides more information: ChicharrĂ³n is a popular dish in Andalusia , Spain , and Latin America and is part of the traditional cuisines of Bolivia , Cuba , Mexico , Venezuela , El Salvador , Dominican Republic , Nicaragua , Colombia , Panama , Brazil (where it is called torresmo ), Peru , the Philippines and others. The singular form, chicharrĂ³n, is also used as a mass noun , especially in the Philippines where words do not have a pluralized form. They are usually made with different cuts of pork , but sometimes made with mutton . In Puerto Rico chicharrones are also made wi

Olympic Fever

I came home last night and was surprised to find Jer watching basketball. Now he is not much of a sports fan. In fact, he likes other sports like baseball and football but for him basketball is not fun. Yet there he was, watching the game between the US and Greece and was being quite enthusiastic about it. When I asked him about it, his answered that it is not about basketball, it's about Team USA. I guess that is proof that the Olympics is really something else. The essence of the Olympics being an international event meant to bring countries - and the people of the individual countries - together came to my mind. Every morning he checks the medal count and he waits for the events that the US participates in. That's more than I can say for myself. Then again, we don't have too many people participating in the Olympics, maybe that's why. Anyhow, I am rooting for the Argentinian basketball team - simply because Manu is playing for them. Who are you rooting fo

Coffee or Tea?

I have forgotten how refreshing tea can be and thanks to Avril, I was reminded of it. I have been feeling ill all evening - the bathroom is my bestfriend right now. I don't understand why but it's probably because of something I ate - plus the fact that I have had 4 or 5 cups of coffee. Around 8 pm I got really hungry so I tried eating - hoping that I could keep it down and I did. My tummy was still queasy though so I needed something warm. I was going to get another cup of coffee but Avril said tea would be better. I really wanted coffee but I followed her advice and I was glad for it! Black tea with lots of sugar is great for an upset stomach!

My Body Image

Quiz time again. I found this quirky test on Blog Things: Your Body Image is 16% Unhealthy, 84% Healthy You have a great body image. You know that no one looks perfect, and you're happy the way you are. Also, you don't judge other people on their looks... and it helps them feel better about their own bodies! How's Your Body Image? Hmm...I know I can lose weight (lots of it) but I just love food too much! Ha ha...

Still "Bon Jovi-ing"

We had a short drinking session (with the girls) last night and it made me realize how much I miss spending time with friends. We started playing the most baduy songs on our playlists - it was really a blast. I wish I could do these things more often. Now it's back to the old grind...and Bon Jovi's still at it. I never wanted the stars I never shot for the moon I like them right where they are All I wanted was you So baby just turn away Because I can't face the truth All I'm trying to say Is all I wanted was you Ah the drama we have in life...

Trying to Keep the Faith (with Bon Jovi)

Call me sappy. Call me freaky. Call me jologs for all I care. I am once again finding solace in Bon Jovi's music. ...There are wars that can't be won... ...And its hard to hold on When theres no one to lean on... ...Faith: you know you're gonna live thru the rain Lord you got to keep the faith Faith: don't let your love turn to hate... As his husky voice and Ritchie's (spelling?) wailing guitar stream through my earphones, I feel a little bit like I felt when I was in high school - I can conquer the world, at least MY own world.

Pathways of Migraine

This is how a migraine starts. I just thought that it would be interesting to share it - especially since I know a lot of people who suffer from migraine. What triggered this curiosity about migraine? My left eye has been hurting since last night. And so has the left side of my head. It didn't allow me any restful sleep at all. Why does migraine have to exist? Photo Compliments of GlaxoSmithKline, Inc.

The Couple that "Wiis" Together, Stays Together

Jerry and I are perhaps the most competitive couple that I know. From food (yes sometimes we try to out-eat each other) to video games, we always seem to be trying to out do one another. That is why I have stopped playing video games with him a long time ago - we just ended up fighting. That is why I am quite happy with how things are working out. He got his birthday gift way ahead of time yesterday and we have spent most of the time since then playing on the Wii. :D Cute bag that came with the package The little boy with his new toy The Wii in its new home - she does not have a name yet. Any suggestions? Our current favorite? Tennis - we get to play as a team and believe it or not, we actually encourage each other just like real players! I am liking this kind of gaming. Of course, if we want to fight, we can always box (with) each other - now this is another story altogether!

Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old

Country music lovers would probably recognize that line from a popular song (which I had never heard of until Jerry introduced it to me). This is exactly how I have been feeling for the past few days and I don't understand why. I guess I really am getting old. We have not been getting much sleep for the past weeks and I have been feeling like shit. And even if I wake up at noon, I don't feel any better. Maybe it's because we've been going to bed early in the morning? I was just thinking the other night - after I turned 25, things started to really go downhill. It used to be that I could stay up for several nights without sleeping at all. It used to be that I could go out during the week and still be up in time for work without feeling any different. Now, I have to make sure that when I go out during the week, I have to go home around 1 or 2. Otherwise, I would be missing out on a day's work. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I don't want to be old and boring!!!

Trying to Solve Credit Card Issues

I remember telling myself many years ago that I would never get a credit card for myself. I broke that promise about a year ago when our company offered us a credit card. Since then, I have realized the importance of having one (or maybe even more than one) and at the same time, I have personally experienced the perils of having one. I will not go into details but I am sure you guys would know how easy it is to accrue a huge bill over time. I am still in that stage wherein I know I can pay my balance off eventually but I am already looking for ways to ease the burden. One solution that I am looking at is to get a balance transfer credit card . This simply means that I can get a new credit card which will take my current balance. One big advantage is that I can get 0% interest. There are many options to choose from so I really need to think about this. I hope it works out fine.

Good News for Globe Postpaid Subscribers

Livi has been a Globe postpaid customer for quite some time and she sent me this: - For loyalty / retention using your current globe postpaid line if you average P5,000 - P7,999 a month you can get iPhone 3G 16GB P6,000 handset price if you average 8000 up a month you can get the iPhone 3G 16GB P2,300 handset price -first 1000 reservations get an additional 1K discount for the handset Pretty neat, huh? Unfortunately, I am not a current subscriber and I do not know anyone who averages this much per month.

Apple iPhone to Be Launched By Globe: August 22

So the iPhone is going to be launched by Globe in a couple of weeks. I have been waiting for this for a long time and now it's just anti-climactic. Now I knew that it was NOT going to be cheap. BUT Globe's prepaid price is just outrageous - PhP 48,000++!!! For postpaid, the plans for data are not so attractive either. I think I am going to have to wait this out. Screenshots from Globe's site :

When You Hit Your Head Against The Wall... end up with a knot in your head. You cannot sleep and you feel even grumpier. I had to get up around 3 am to go to the wash room. I guess I miscalculated the distance when I tried to lie down and hit my head - hard - against the wall. Now I am dizzy and nauseous. This sucks. It is kinda funny, in a stupid kind of way, but not when the room is spinning as it is now.

Our Tiny Shoebox

When we decided to move to our current apartment, we called it our tiny shoebox. It is a very apt name, actually. The apartment is rectangular and is quite small, especially compared to the condo we used to live in. We were able to make do, however, and our things fit. A year later, it seems that we are running out of space. I am planning to buy an oven but there is nowhere to put it. We got that TV from Earl and we wanted to put it in the bedroom but there really is no space. I might have found a solution for the TV, though. I found a web site offering a tv lift cabinet that is so thin that it just might fit at the foot of our bed. It will still be a tight fit but this is the best solution that I have seen so far. Any other ideas?

Half-meant Jibes

"I don't mean those things I just say them because I know it gets to you." Then why say them at all? I have always thought that some jokes are half-meant. And it doesn't really matter if they are half-meant or not. If you know that it hurts the other person, then why keep saying things? I remember my taekwondo teacher in 6th grade telling me "If you don't have anything good to say, then don't open your mouth."

Aching Arms: The Wii Works?

My arms are killing me. I think it's because of the few minutes that I spent boxing on the Wii. I think this thing might actually be a good substitute for exercise. All the more reason to buy one, right? I have decided - when we buy the Wii, we'll be using cash. This means sticking closer to the budget and saving up for this purchase. I can't wait! But first, Jerry's visa.

Incessant Pounding = Going Nuts

It all started yesterday. We woke up at about 10 am to the sound of pounding above us - Earl's old apartment. As it turned out, they are making a hole in the wall for a window. All day yesterday, we got grumpier by the minute. It's 8:10 in the morning now. The sounds woke me up at 7:00 am. I am not a happy camper right now. The landlord says it will last for about a week. I hear debris hitting my aircon. Landlord says nothing can be done about it except to pull out the A/C and not use it for a week - just might have to do that now. One grumpy Noe...Monday...not good!

More than a "Wii" Bit of Fun

I have always thought that playing with the Wii would be fun but I didn't realize just how much fun it was till I actually tried it last night at Ren's. We held one last get together for Earl - Cranium night. Before everyone arrived though, we fiddled with the Wii and tried Mario Kart, boxing, and tennis. Earl & Jer bowling Joff & Jer playing baseball Am & Earl watching Boxing was so much fun and it really wore me out! I think that watching Jerry and Earl was even more exhausting though - watch and you'll know what I mean. Ren and I were so cracked up we could barely talk! We also played the Wii version of Cranium - it's called Kabooki. The guys won simply because they got the easier tasks (and perhaps because of the fact that they figured out how to work the controllers better than we did). We then switched to the board game version and the girls beat their butts - twice. These guys are so competitive! You won't believe how competitive the guys w

Weekend Of Indulgence

This weekend has been so busy for me (and it's not really over yet) and though it should have been one of those lean weekends, it is turning out to be one of those times of indulgence. I guess I can be excused as we celebrated Hannah's and Mom's birthdays. Then tonight we held one last "party" for Earl before he leaves on Monday. It's 4 am and we just got home and though I am so sleepy, I feel that I cannot sleep because I am so full. We have been eating non-stop since Friday night (well, alright, I am exaggerating a bit) so I guess it is a good thing that we played the Wii a bit tonight. It was my first time to actually try it and I had LOTS of fun. I was thinking, the Wii could substitute for exercise and diet pill s! Maybe someone will get me a Wii for Christmas - an early gift, maybe? ;)

Date Night With The Dark Knight

Jerry and I initiated date night early in our marriage. Our aim was to spend time together outside of the house in the hopes of injecting more fun in our relationship. Yup, I am not the funnest person this side of the world. Though we were hell bent on keeping Date Night alive, it just sort of died down after a while. I have to admit, it was mainly because of me. I guess I overdid it with work from time to time and I just couldn't summon enough energy to go out. Anyway, last night, we decided to revive Date Night. We went out to eat, Jerry had a beer, I had some wine. I didn't realize how much I missed it. It was actually cool because Sandwich was playing at the Eastwood Circle (or whatever it is called). Sitting there, I was reminded of the me that I used to be (a bit, at least). We also watched The Dark Knight - finally. Now you have to understand, I am the kind who watches movies at home while working on my laptop. I realized that I have forgotten how to enjoy a sh

I Am Stressed?

You think? Take a look: Your Stress Level is: 58% You are somewhat prone to stress, especially when life gets hard. When things are good, you resist stressing over little problems. But when things are difficult, you tend to freak out and find it hard to calm down. How Stressed Are You? That's why!