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Would You Rather Be Beautiful or Appealing?

Friday nights at the office are always wacky. Yesterday, it was just wackier than most Friday nights. (Perhaps the wine had something to do with it.)

Anyhow, Livi started asking her questions. She does have the silliest - but fun - questions sometimes. One thing she asked was "Would you rather be beautiful or appealing?"

Appealing won - only Livi and I chose beautiful.

I think beautiful is better because you can always work on being appealing. For example, you can be beautiful and then have things ruined by something like acne. You can still fix this with the best acne product in the market, though. You can do something about it and become appealing again. On the other hand, if you are inherently not beautiful, you really can't do much about it, can you?

What do you think - beautiful or appealing?

(Yup, not a very serious topic but it makes for good conversation.)


  1. Appealing! Beauty is skin deep. Appeal emanates from within. But I must admit, that acne thing was a good strategy. Hahaha!

  2. Ha ha never gonna give it up, huh?


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