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Tough Luck

Sometimes I really think that I have the worst luck in the world - at least when it comes to customer service. You know how I have been whinging about my Internet connection for the past weeks. I thought that my troubles were over when the guys from Globe came over yesterday and hooked us up. The connection was great.

Until around 4:30 this afternoon, that is.

The connection went down. I called customer service. They did basic trouble shooting which I already did before I called them. They couldn't fix it. They said the cabinet was probably down. They will file a report. Follow it up.

I called again a few minutes ago. Same thing. Tech will work on it and it should be up in 24 hours, 5 days max.

I don't believe this, really. Why does it always happen to us? I am on the slooow Smart Bro now. Should I keep it as back up?

On a positive note, we worked on our budget and it looks pretty good. We just need to stick to it and we're already running into rough waters. ;)


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