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Smart Bro Woes

I was planning on working for a couple more hours but the speed of my Internet is just not making it possible. I am getting some work done but at a pace that is just making me irritable. I would be better off getting some sleep. BUT before that, let me let off steam...

There is no excuse for rudeness. I wonder if that guy from Smart Bro knows all about customer service.

You see, we have been having problems with our connection for 2 or 3 weeks now. I have called several times to complain but it was only last Wednesday that someone actually came over to fix things. Unfortunately, they did not do any good. True, they changed the antenna. They said they increased the parameters gave me all that technical drivel but the fact is that the we still have to wait several minutes for a single page to load!

So the technicians called the RG office of Smart Bro - whatever that means. Unknown to the guy they were talking to, he was on loud speaker and I could hear every word that he was saying. I couldn't believe how rude he was! I won't even write down what he said and describe his tone.

At first I was silent. Then I couldn't help myself. I asked the technician to hand me the phone and I talked to this Mr. Dennis Caballero. Whoever he is, he should be taught some manners. He wouldn't even talk to me and when I pressed the issue, he just said "Sige, ayusin na lang yan ng mga technician. Sila na bahala dyan." (Fine, the technicians will fix it. Let them take care of it.) His tone had not really changed, even knowing that he was talking to a customer. I have been meaning to write Smart a complaint letter about their staff member. This person should be taught how to treat other people with respect.

I am not asking for more than what we are paying for. I know the limitations of Smart Bro but I also know that we were able to surf and use the Internet at a much better speed. I am only asking that we get the speed that we were getting months ago. I am so frustrated with this whole thing that I am going to Globe or PLDT (which I do not really want to do since I have had my experiences with their so-called customer service as well) tomorrow or Monday and get myself a wired Internet connection.

Why is it so hard to get good service here?


  1. Numi, we have smart bro and we sometimes have problems when there's something blocking the antenna? wait I'm not sure if it's an antenna but something that transmits signals.

    It sometimes get blocked by an overgrown tree with stray branches and when we cut the branch our internet connection goes back to normal

  2. Yeah it might be that though the technician kept saying the signals are way up and the parameters are set to max. I guess it's just time to go wired.

  3. I definitely had same problems with my SmartBro connection.

    Take a look at my post:

  4. John Raul - sorry to hear that. I switched to Globe DSL soon after this post. I am happy to say that aside from minor things (which I think is something we cannot avoid for now, at least here in the Philippines), the service is alright.


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