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Our Little Neighbor, Francesca

It is no secret that Jer and I love kids. It's just that we have so many kids around us that we do not really feel the need to have our own just yet. Well, he did want kids at first but now I think he has changed his mind - albeit temporarily.

Yesterday, before I went to work, we saw our neighbor with his baby out in the balcony. She was born 3 months ago and we couldn't help but play with her for a few minutes. She is just so cute! Her name's Francesca.

I think we're really lucky to have neighbors like them. They are very nice and they always give little gifts such as food. We do try to return the favor and this time, I think we should look for baby gifts that would suit Francesca. I am sure everyone would appreciate that. And while we're at it (looking for baby gifts) I am sure we'll find something for Sam as well.


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