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Of Compromises

Compromise is a word that is very much used when you are in a relationship. I used to think that compromising would not be a problem if you really care for the person you are with. But what if you have different points of view as to what compromise really is?

Merriam-Webster defines this word as:

"something intermediate between or blending qualities of two different things."

So it's either finding a happy medium between two ideas or combining two different ideas to come up with a new one that is acceptable to both parties, right?

Still, I am not sure as to how you apply this in life exactly. When you compromise, does it mean that both parties are happy? Or does it mean that both are still unsatisfied but merely agree to come to an agreement? Or maybe, it is neither. How do you know when to compromise and when you have compromised enough?

Arrgh, the complexities of life. Anyone care to shed some light on this matter?


  1. I don't have that problem with my hubby but I did have that with my 2 children that would do that all the time or worse, leave 2 ice cubes in the trays, and a swallows worth in the juice or milk jar...hey, they weren't empty now were they??

    Good post!

  2. No such thing as compromise Numi...just a matter of picking fights and choosing battles...

    I'm so optimistic!!

  3. this sounds so familiar. Let me know the answer when you know. hehe!

  4. Livi, lend me your optimism and Vicki, you may very well find the answer before I do! :p


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