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NEO eXplore - A New Toy?

I posted something on NEO laptops a couple of weeks ago and how I was considering buying one. I changed my mind (thanks to my bosses who presented very convincing arguments on why I shouldn't buy one). The other day, though, the NEO girl was back at the office and one of the products caught my eye.

It is dubbed the NEO eXplore (what's up with the small e and capital X?) and it is being considered by some as a competitor to the Asus EEE PC. What I have really been wanting is a small laptop that I can carry around wherever I go. I am not looking for the highest specs (yeah, this is going against my nature) - all I want is something that will connect to the Internet and let me work on my blog and writing jobs wherever I go.

The advantages of the eXplore? It's small and the casing looks tough enough. It comes preloaded with Windows XP and it has a 30G HDD.

The disadvantages? It looks too cute. Unlike the EEE PC, the eXplore looks as if it were made for a child. It also has the Celeron as its processor. I swore I'd never buy a Celeron.

For a little over $400 (PhP19k++), I think it's a good buy. The NEO girl is coming back to the office today. I'll make my decision later.

What do you think? Should I get the eXplore or am I just wasting my money?


  1. I want it too!!! I want it, I want it, I want it! What do you think Numi? Should we get it?

  2. I've never heard of a NEO. But I know a celeron processor is supposed to be slower. It looks cute enough though. I have a Dell inspiron and I'm on my third keyboard in 6 mos. So I would not have any good advice for a laptop.

  3. I don't know - I am not decided yet and it seems the signs are pointing the other way.


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