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Mythbusters (Almost) Killed MacGyver

Just like any other child who grew up in the 80s and 90s, MacGyver was part of my childhood. You have to know that we didn't have a TV set in our home while we were growing up. Our parents did not believe that we needed one to learn and to keep ourselves busy. We read instead.

However, during the summer vacation, my grandma's TV was brought to our house so that we could watch a couple of select shows. And when I say select, I mean select. Sesame Street, Batibot (the Philippine Sesame Street), and - you guessed it - MacGyver were the only shows we were allowed to watch.

Watching the show was a family affair. I still remember everyone gathering around the TV on Saturday night, 7:00pm. My dad would turn the key to switch the TV on - can you believe that, the TV had a key?!

Anyhow, you can just imagine how highly I revered (and still do!) Angus MacGyver. We looked up to him so much that we called our dad MacGyver - yup, he could solve anything. ;)

So when Jerry got ahold of the Mythbusters 100th episode: MacGvyer Myths, I was so excited. I wanted to see what they were going to do. Alas, as much as I like the guys from Mythbusters, I cringed throughout the whole show.

They busted his sodium explosive trick (MacGyver made a hole through a prison wall using 1 gram of sodium dissolved in water). They busted his bamboo airplane (MacGyver made a lighweight made of bamboo, garbage bags, and a cement mixer engine).

So are the Mythbusters like Santa-killers (people who tell their children that Santa is NOT real)? Almost.

I still believe that all that MacGyver did were based on SOUND scientific principles. He just twisted some of the details so as to keep viewers safe, so that overenthusiastic viewers would not be able to copy his tricks.

The Mythbusters rock but they can't match MacGvyer! ;)


  1. Please, please just expose Chuck Norris and leave MacGyver in peace.

  2. MacGyver and Doogie Howser were my favorite shows when I was growing up. Buffy and Roswell followed a li'l later.

  3. Sparked memories with this entry…

    Annie O.

  4. I loved MacGyver too...but American Chopper is still the best thing on Dicovery. Paul Senior rocks!

  5. Vicki - how can you say that about Chuck Norris?

    Ren - never really followed Roswell but Buffy was nice.

    Annie - glad to hear that.

    Aves - they're on the new season I think.


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