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My Ideal Rec Room

For some reason, I could not sleep tonight. We spent most of the day watching TV and just being lazy. Around 5pm we went out for a post-July 4th dinner at Friday's (yup, Jerry got his wish) and then we went back to a still lazier evening at home. It's now 3 am and I have been doing nothing but trying to get myself to fall asleep - obviously to no avail.

I just remembered how much I liked to play The Sims and how I used to design my dream house in the game. The main room in the house would be my own rec room. So tonight, I imagined designing it once again. It basically has the same elements - a home theater system, a ping pong table, a pool table, and a bar. I have a new addition - a beer pong table. I recently "discovered" beer pong while watching Beer Fest the other day. I wonder if there are any places here that sell beer pong tables? I have seen portable ones online that seem good but I have no idea where to get one in Manila, do you?


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