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Men and Empty Containers

What is it with men and empty containers IN THE FRIDGE?

I have come to terms with empty containers not being refilled at home. After all, I do have the tendency not to immediately refill them when I am not in the mood. What I don't get is when I see empty containers INSIDE the fridge. What's up with that?

This happened quite some time ago but I still get all cracked up thinking about it. I got home late at night really thirsty so I headed straight to the fridge to get some cold water. What was waiting for me? Empty water containers. Oh, they were ice cold. But they were empty. Jerry's rationale? At least they're cold and when you put water, it will get colder faster. REALLY?
The empty container

Another incident. Earl ate the pasta I brought to work (which was in a Tupperware) for dinner. The next day, I asked for the Tupperware.
Earl: "It's in the fridge." Me: "You didn't eat it?" Earl: "Oh no, it's empty. I just didn't have time to wash it so I put it back."

Arrgh. His rationale: It won't spoil and won't smell bad. Oh, the Tupperware stayed there for a week, I think.

It seems I am not alone. Holly Kay has her own hilarious experience - with a salsa container.

Who else does this???


  1. This is a great topic and I imagine it goes on everywhere. Me, I'm MALE and my situation is a bit different but related. Every month or so in my house, I run out of dishes from the cupboard. Where did they disappear too? My FEMALE roommate has placed them into the refrigerator with all kinds of stuff, not always food even. Every so often, I've got to go in and just throw away the food. In the process of searching I also find eye shadows and blush and other female goodies that I'm told need to be refrigerated.

    Yeah, those refrigerator stories...

  2. Ha ha, I think I tend to do that sometimes. My weakness is not leaving EMPTY containers in the fridge but leaving food in the containers for so long they end up looking like science experiments!

  3. This cracked me up Numi!! And men claim they're more LOGICAL? Damn it!


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