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A Lesson From MacGyver

We have been on a MacGyver rush for the past few weeks and over the weekend, we watched a few episodes of the first season. We are aiming to finish the whole series within the next few months.

Anyway, as I am sitting here this morning just thinking, I am realizing a few things. We can actually learn life lessons from MacGyver. Like that episode where he was inside a car in a junkyard. He was trapped and had nowhere to go, no way to get out. The machines that crushed the cars were in operation and ready to get the car Mac was in.

The average person would have panicked or maybe would have crouched in a corner and waited for the inevitable to happen. Not Mac. He kept his wits about him and somehow got into the trunk and forced his way out.

Don't you sometimes feel trapped in the same manner? With time running out and nowhere to go (seemingly), do you panic or simply give up? Ask yourself, what would MacGyver do? ;)
(LOL, or maybe, what would Chuck Norris do?)


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  3. wow..wolker....

  4. I can't stand Chuck Norris...and Sylvester Stallone...and Jean Claude Van Damme...they all just look so smelly! :P

  5. Aves, yoga can't be any less smelly, can it? :p

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Wanna bet? The sweat in yoga is different from the sweat when you run or lift weights. Besides, at least in yoga it's fresh sweat. These guys look like they've accumulated 2 weeks of smelly sweat! :P eeeew!


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