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Learning to Budget

My Mom was a stickler for budgets. When I was a child and I asked her for something, she would oftentimes tell me, "It's not in our budget." Way up till I was in college, I didn't really understand that sentence. The way I saw it, if you have the money, why not use it if you found something that you wanted?

Little did I realize that it was her budgeting that got my sister and I through the long years of college. Now that I earn money and am responsible for what I earn, I understand better the concept of budgeting. Realizing and taking action are two different things, though.

Though I have a rough idea about how much I earn and how much I spend (and should spend) I never really sat down and listed these things down. It's about time I did. That's why later today, Jerry and I are going to do just that.

We're going to try to create a budget. This part's easy - it's the sticking to the budget that's going to be excruciating.

Wish us luck!


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