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We're out here in our balcony just talking, enjoying the night air, and the music. Landslide by the Dixie Chicks just came on and I am feeling wistful...

"...children get older, I am getting older too...the landslide brought me down..."

Certain events these past few days are making me realize once again that growing up is a continuous process. It is not all about age. It's the happenings in your life and how you deal with them.

I used to think that I could solve every problem that came my way, my family's way. Now I am realizing that there are problems that you cannot solve, that there are problems that you just have to weather. There are times when you cannot always make things right the way you want them and when you want them.

It is a hard realization. A large part of me doesn't want to acknowledge it, makes me want to fight back and gain control of everything. And yet some part of me knows that I can only do so much.

As Steve Tyler sang "I'm saying a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight..." God please hear me.


  1. I guess there's just that difference between growing old and growing up. We learn things like what you mentioned, what we just have to weather, etc. and we become more mature for the wisdom we gain. We just have to make sure we never grow old so we can continue to enjoy what we've learned.

  2. Ahuh...big difference there and quite a simple fix, so it seems. Here's to not growing old!


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