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Keeping Valuables Secure In Transit

We haven't been on a trip since May and as Jerry was telling me the other day, it feels kind of weird. After all, we should have been on another road trip at least. I guess the budgeting idea has changed things a bit, not to mention the additional expenses that we have to deal with.

Maybe a road trip this August would be good. I have really been hankering for the beach for the past month and with the workload that I have, I think that a break would be good - however brief it is.

One consideration that we have to pay particular attention to is how to keep our "valuables" secure when we travel. Before, we didn't really bring along valuables because they just add responsibility that could lessen the travel experience. This time, though, I think I shall bring Koryu along - not to mention Garcia.

How would I keep them safe? I found a manufacturer that specializes in travel security. Pacsafe has a lot of products that would come in handy when we travel. I am looking at some pouches for Koryu to make sure she is really safe while on the road. They also have phone purses, and other similar products which can store the most essential things.

Better safe than sorry, I always say.


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