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I'm On a High

Yep, I am definitely on a high. We set out to do 4 things today.
  1. Get approved for a Globe landline and Internet connection bundle.
  2. Get my NBI clearance renewed.
  3. Go to UP to get some things done.
  4. Maybe get a new toy.
I got 3 out of 4 PLUS we got to visit Sam.

We weren't able to go to UP because we ran out of time. It took us several hours to get the Globe thing done, not to mention the NBI clearance. After that, we just went around Megamall looking for my new toy. Unfortunately, we didn't find any. They all had Acer Aspire One units and Asus Eee PCs.

So off we went to SM North, meaning to look around and then visit Sam. We found ONE unit of the MSI Wind at this litte store called Micro Station. They had it for 0 percent interest on my card for 6 months! Needless to say, I just had to get it.

Here's my new baby (which, by the way, I am using to write this post).
At the store
Her box
At home

I have decided to name her Koryu, this little dragon from the anime Inuyasha. It is also the Japanese word for ancient martial arts. She may look small and pretty but she can kick some serious butt.

I have been on her for about an hour now and I have not encountered a single problem yet. I have installed lots of programs and she is still running fast, without any indication of heating up. Windows XP came pre-installed so I didn't really have to do anything regarding set up of the OS and drivers. I was able to connect to my wireless connection at home without any hitches.

The best thing? I have been able to type as fast as I normally can without having to squint my eyes. I love it!

Now for the visit with Sam. He seemed a bit mellow when we first got there but after a while, he started being his usual hyper self. Look at him playing with his Uncle Jer. He was laughing so hard by the time they were done.
Now can you believe this - Jerry feeding a baby!
Nana and Sam posing.
It's been a good day.


  1. I can't believe you got it!!!! Hahahahahahaha! Have fun with Koryu. =)

  2. I know your secret!nuninuninuni

  3. Vicki - having a blast right now.
    Ren - whatever :p


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